SDARJ committees address the organization’s mission and goals in specialized areas. Passionate volunteers contribute their expertise based on what needs to be done — and more importantly what gives them a positive volunteer experience. Contact the committee chairs listed below and let them know what you’d like to do!

Legislative/Advocacy Committee


The Legislative/Advocacy Committee monitors legislation in the Delaware General Assembly and advocates for legislation that supports the mission and goals of the Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice.


  • Promote and support sentencing reform
  • Promote and support solitary confinement (restrictive housing) reform
  • Promote and support pre-trial detention reform
  • Support the Criminal Defense Project

Activities Related to Goal

  • Promote and support sentencing reform
    • Gathering data on number of Delaware prisoners serving life sentences under the “three strikes” rule; focusing on those convicted of non-violent crimes
    • Supporting Delaware legislation mirroring federal reforms
  • Promote and support solitary confinement (restrictive housing) reform
    • Monitoring executive and legislative response to study
    • Monitoring outcome of ACLU lawsuit and its impact on study recommendations
  • Promote and support pre-trial detention reform
    • Obtaining better data on current practices/numbers of pre-trial detainees
    • Supporting legislative efforts to determine budget implications of current pre-trial laws/practices
    • Studying best practices adopted by other jurisdictions
  • Support the Criminal Defense Project
    • Following up with Chris Kervick (Criminal Justice Council) on proposals involving the Bar Association for providing support to convicted felons
    • Considering public education session with Widener Law School faculty on criminal defense/justice issues in cooperation with the League of Women Voters or other groups
    • Reviewing report on Sixth Amendment organization

Join the Legislative/Advocacy Committee

Contact Committee Chair, Nancy Powell by email to see how you can use your unique skills to contribute to our advocacy successes!

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Marketing Communications Committee


The Marketing Communications Committee works to promote Alliance programs, activities and accomplishments.


  • Maximize membership and attendance at Alliance meetings and events through media releases and supporter broadcasts.
  • Enhance our online presence via our website and social media outlets.
  • Build and maintain our roster of Alliance members


  • Develop and distribute news releases and ads to Southern Delaware media outlets.
  • Work with program coordinators to effectively promote their events.
  • Work with committees to create news articles about their activities and accomplishments.
  • Attend community events to sign up new Alliance members.
  • Post relevant items to our website and Facebook pages.
  • Send our broadcast emails to our members.

Join the Marketing Communications Committee

Contact Committee Chair, Jay Schiavo to see how you can use your unique skills to contribute to our successes!

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Outreach Committee


To represent the Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice (the Alliance) to the residents of Sussex County in order to educate and inform the public of the work of the Alliance and to encourage greater involvement in the movement for racial justice.

Goal 1: To contact and meet with local religious, civic, business, charitable and political organizations in order to explain the mission, goals and accomplishments of the Alliance and to seek the support and participation of their members in the work of the Alliance.

  1. Coordinate with the Marketing Communications Committee to develop and publish educational and promotional materials
  2. Develop one or more standardized presentations that explains the work of the Alliance.
  3. Recruit a multi-ethnic/multi-cultural group of individuals who can speak at a variety of meetings, panels, forums and other functions about the Alliance.
  4. Explore the most effective ways to reach different types of organizations (e.g., What is the best way to reach out to African-American churches? What is the best approach for reaching out to more conservative organizations?)

Goal 2: To nurture partnerships and alliances between the Alliance and other groups. 

  1. Learn about and promote Alliance member participation in community events (e.g., Juneteenth celebrations, MLK Celebration)
  2. Serve as consultants to other organizations who wish to develop their own racial justice efforts.
  3. Develop and publish a list of resources (books, films, websites) to support the growth of those efforts.
  4. Coordinate the mutual support of activities of the Alliance and other organizations.

Goal 3: In coordination with other Alliance committees, explore the feasibility of and experiment with different tools and approaches to reach a wider audience.

  1. Develop tools (e.g., Facebook Live for meetings, video clips of interviews with Alliance members, video clips of Sussex County residents who have been impacted by racial injustice, distribute a newsletter) Events
  2. Organize non-meeting events (e.g., community dinners, field trips)

Join the Outreach Committee

Contact Outreach Committee Chair, Don Peterson, at to see how you can use your unique skills to contribute to our successes!

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Education Committee


To assist SDARJ achieve its mission through educating Delawarians by influencing the education system to include the role played by African Americans in America’s present, past , and future development, and to accurately reflect current and past racial inequities.

Goal 1: Educate community members about curriculum through knowledge and understanding of past an current racial issues and conditions. Assist Delaware schools in updating the US history curriculum to include African American history with America’s history. Increase understanding by citizens of all ages about the contributions of African American to the evolving story of American.

Goal 2: Involve more community leaders, for-profit and non-profit organizations to be speakers in clasrooms to assist teachers in making students more aware of life outside of and after school.

Goal 3: Assist teachers in addressing civil rights and other current issues in their classes.


  1. Obtain adopted text books and research information on the school curriculum.
  2. Identify speakers for monthly meetings through the end of 2017.
  3. Conduct corporate outreach to profit and non-profit leadership to partner with schools, i.e., Dover Air Force Base, real estate, healthcare, financial, computer technology and other major organizations to the benefit or all involved.

 Join the Education Committee

Contact the Education Committee Co-Chairs Kathleen Baker or James Sherard to see how you can use your unique skills to contribute to our successes!

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